• Date : 14th of December 2015

• Location : Poitiers University, France

• Address : Amphi PBS, Pôle biologie santé, 1 rue George Bonnet, Poitiers


• Speakers :

Mikael BOLS, University of Copenhagen (Danemark) – Bruno LINCLAU, University of Southampton (UK) – Jeroen CODEE, University of Leiden (Netherlands) – Carme ROVIRA, University of Barcelona (Spain)  – David BONNAFFÉ, University of Paris-Saclay – Matthieu SOLLOGOUB, Sorbonne University, Paris – Chrystel LOPIN-BON University of Orléans – Boris VAUZEILLES, ICSN, Gif/Yvette.

Pierre SINAŸ (Chairman) : Sorbonne University, Paris – Membre de l’Académie des Sciences.


Glycoscience, the science dealing with carbohydrates, is expanding continuously at the fundamental and applied level and its societal impact is multiple ranging from medicine to materials and energy. Advances in this field depend critically on the availability of well-defined, pure natural and synthetic carbohydrates. Their accessibility greatly relies on glycosylation, the central reaction in glycochemistry.

Albeit centenary, this chemical reaction is still of high interest to the scientific community. Indeed, some crucial mechanistic details are still missing and a universal glycosylation methodology applicable to any sugar has still to be discovered. Many research groups around the world are currently working on this subject in order to better understand and possibly master this reaction at the chemical and enzymatic level.

This one-day symposium aims at gathering some of the best French and European experts in the field. The speakers will present their last results, thus illustrating the numerous elegant approaches that have been developed to solve the current challenges associated with the glycosylation reaction. A poster session will also take place during the meeting to encourage PhD students and post-docs to present their work.

You are all welcome to attempt this event dedicated to a large audience.


The organizing committee